William O'Donnell


Bill is Charles’ brother, both of whose great grandfather landed in New York for a chance at the “American Dream”. His aspirations were dashed when he saw how foul the conditions and poor lives in general that the people in New York were leading. Shamus O’Donnell became a police officer in the New World, beginning the O’Donnell line of Police Officers. All of Bill’s siblings are involved in some sort of law enforcement, he is the black sheep as a nurse. Bill decided to become a nurse after his brother seamus broke his arm and Bill spent twelve hours with his mother and brother in an emergency room.

William always kept his hair short, and usually keeps himself shaved, though due to his recent adventures in Abandon he hasn’t been keeping himself quite as clean cut as usual. When he’s not at work Bill is always wearing some sort of band T-shirt or one with a stupid slogan such as “I want my own theme music”.

Due to growing up with several older siblings, William has become fairly good at avoiding too much injury in a confrontation. His work as a nurse has allowed him to become quite handy with a blade of any sort, and he almost always has a scalple on him. Recently he purchased a Glock 17, which he always has when he and Adventure Corps go into Abandon.

Bill passed away recently. He courageously sacrificed his Geist to send a spirit from Abandon to it’s home plain. Overcome by the grief of losing his geist he followed the spirit through the portal, which closed behind him.

He will be missed.

William O'Donnell

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