• Albert Chung

    Albert Chung

    Divorced Gambling Addict
  • Antiques Emporium Owner

    Antiques Emporium Owner

    An elderly man with bad vision, he owns the Antique Emporium.
  • Arthur Lane

    Arthur Lane

    The 19 year old with striking good looks and the ability to summon animals. What?
  • Avi Schoenstein

    Avi Schoenstein

    A physics teacher at Brooks High School.
  • Bandit


    Arthur's trusty dog companion. They're Shaggy and Scoob or Insp Gadget and Brain.
  • Charles O'Donnell

    Charles O'Donnell

    A simple detective with a not so simple life.
  • Charlie Fierro

    Charlie Fierro

    Albert's son
  • Church


    International man of mystery
  • Cloves


    A thin blonde woman working for the Loyalists, always smoking.
  • Curio


    A smooth-voiced man contacted by telephone.
  • Derek Engblom

    Derek Engblom

  • Dimitri


  • Eddie Kaspyczk

    Eddie Kaspyczk

    A police officer for 12 years, and a former partner of Charles O'Donnell.
  • Emmy Ross

    Emmy Ross

    A bald chick? Gross.
  • Fileen Lao (Dead)

    Fileen Lao (Dead)

    II. A translator and antiquities expert. The third victim of Abandon.
  • Jasrit Patel

    Jasrit Patel

    The owner of the Redroom. Also some form of mage.
  • Jerry Wardlaw

    Jerry Wardlaw

    Maria Fierro's boyfriend, an all around nice guy, and the most hated man on earth.
  • Justice


    The Aegis Kair Doru cell's female member with an orange scarf.
  • Kyrie


    The leader of the Aegis Kai Doru cell, the reasoned voice.
  • Lauderdale


    A muscle-bound member of the Aegis Kai Doru cell.
  • Leah Cohen

    Leah Cohen

    A nurse who lives in apartment 306, and possibly more.
  • Maria Fierro

    Maria Fierro

    Albert Chung's former wife, mother of Charlie Fierro.
  • Mik Czerko

    Mik Czerko

    A middle aged dock worker and co-worker of Albert Chung.
  • Miles Jones

    Miles Jones

    A murderer? Maybe.
  • Mosier


    The squat mechanic who trades surgery for stories.
  • Moustapha Bâ

    Moustapha Bâ

  • Noir


    A violent, aggressive member of the Aegis Kai Doru cell.
  • Paige Saunders

    Paige Saunders

    A young woman with a love of animals, the girlfriend of Arthur Lane.
  • Paul Miller

    Paul Miller

    The manager of PetsPetsPets. Employer of Arthur Lane.
  • Prague


    A small female Loyalist wearing a newsy cap and topcoat.
  • Pulse


    A member of the Aegis Kai Doru cell, he walks with a cane.
  • Rachel O'Donnell

    Rachel O'Donnell

    Charles' dead wife
  • Rhona Albert

    Rhona Albert

    A crazed inhabitant of Abandon. A victim of Miles Jones.
  • Ryan Fischer (Dead)

    Ryan Fischer (Dead)

    A slothful musician living in apartment 307.
  • Saint


    French Genetecist
  • Samantha Walker

    Samantha Walker

    VIII. A senator's daughter, and the first victim of Abandon.
  • Scarface


    A bum with a bad attitude and a scar on his face
  • Sjoberg


    A black market operator, capable of acquiring forged documents and illegal substances... for a price.
  • Soph


    A Loyalist with computer skills, and an Iron Maiden shirt.
  • Stroika


    The foul-tempered hunter with dyed red hair.
  • Tall Man

    Tall Man

    A strange, fourteen-foot tall creature who exists at some level of Abandon.
  • Walter Courtnall

    Walter Courtnall

    A cold case detective at Precinct 6, current 'partner' of Charles O'Donnell.
  • XIV


    XIV. Name unknown, a homeless man with visions. The second victim of Abandon.


    XVIII. A teenaged black male. The fourth victim of the cycle.
  • Zusha


    An athletic young man working for the Loyalists.