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On September 3rd, 2010, new occupants moved into Room 307 of the Albert & Sons Apartment Complex. Through a strange series of events, they stumbled into a mystery involving the supernatural and a timeless ritual involving human sacrifice, all of which connected to a strange twilight realm they have come to call Abandon. They aim to stop the ritual before it completes, and attempt to limit its body count as quickly as possible.

They have met many potential allies and enemies, including a ruthless corporate agent, a nurse with supernatural healing abilities, an information broker committed to fighting those who prey on humanity, a convicted murderer involved in fighting the last cycle, and a mage with secret knowledge of the ritual. Other forces are at work, a group of hunters has targeted those who travel to the Albert & Sons Apartments, other supernatural groups with interests related to the ritual, and more still that may be watching, biding their time until the time is right.

The group from 307 are a diverse cast; a middle-aged dockworker whose addictions estranged his family, a young man new to the east coast trying to build a life out of nothing, an illegal immigrant desperate to stay and in hiding from the government, an aimless musician with small dreams and great fears, a young man whose life took a sudden twist and struggles with alcohol to cope, a nurse who wanted to believe in the supernatural but never expected it to be as real as it is, and a police officer with a violent past and a suspicious mind.

This is the story of Abandon.

Main Page

Abandon Brodehouse