The Conclusion
A weekend in Philadelphia

this entry under construction.

We went to Philadelphia to find Paige Saunders, who was the next person in the cycle. We followed some leads from Mesmer at Club Electric, and xxxxx at xxxx arcade, which led us to the subway tunnels. We met a bunch of mages, who sent us down a dark tunnel. We met a vampire named xxxxx, who helped us find Paige and her crazed boyfriend. We killed the boyfriend, and Paige was distant and unresponsive. We stopped the cycle by having John Dennison turn Paige into a vampire.

Meeting Five Jupiter

We checked out abandon today to see if there was another victim. There was a new body in coffin 18, a black man clutching a tool (syringe mixed with turkey baster).

We went to find Scarface, he showed us a room full of dead Demon gang members. The homeless were looking for the demons’ source of drugs when they found that place and wrecked some punks.

At work, Sean got the strange urge to collect germs/bacteria for his geist.

At the docks, Kyrie showed up and found out Albert’s name and place of employment. He was there making sure a ship left port with the informatics book onboard. He hinted at the possibility of Albert doing some small jobs at the docks in the future for his organization.

As per Jasrit’s request, the party put the stone grimoire in a public park with the intention of luring out Five Jupiter and beating some answers out of him. When we followed some of his mind-controlled minions, we met Five Jupiter. It became clear that fighting with him would not produce any results, since he had drawn us into a magical realm of his creation and he could destroy us at will. He acted all high-and-mighty, talking down to us for believing in such childish things as the laws of physics and nature. We left more confused than ever, but we did at least learn a few things.

1. the stone grimoire is a cage holding somebody’s soul
2. the cycle can be broken by either killing a chosen one outside of their time or removing them from this plane of existence or twilight, to somewhere like the abyss or hell
3. Jasrit sent us to our deaths

Five Jupiter gave us a coin that can apparently summon him if we throw it into a river.

I’m not sure where we go from here… I suppose we try to find the next person selected for the cycle before it’s too late.

October 24th. Abandon.
Never on time.

A lot has happened in the time we have spent in Abandon.

We’ve managed to track the Shinigami to a abandoned building in Abandon. As we were entering the derelict we saw a radio sitting on a stump in the front courtyard, almost immediately a women asked as what we were doing there. We told her the truth, she told us how to get up to the top floor of the building where they were located. When we arrived the women was with 2 other men and a group of children.

These children didn’t seem right, there was something off about them, further investigation determined that they were in fact ghosts. When presented with this the ghost children told us that they were living off of the efforts of the men and women, the efforts they made to keep the children alive. The three then asked the group to find some food for the children because they were hungry and haven’t eaten in a while. We agreed to do so if they could give us information about where the Shinigami could be.

Before we could leave to find the food one of the ghost children took us aside to talk to us about the mission we were embarking on. He told us that there was a powerful artifact in the building and with this artifact he could finally leave this place. In return for us getting him the artifact he would kill the other ghost children and free the humans that they had captured.

As we ventured down into the building we came across a lot of instances of violence and anger. There would be a smashed up room, there would be a pile of a bodies in a bathtub in another room. We came across one man who shot himself in the head after saying, “I didn’t mean to…”. As we neared the bottom of the building it became apparent that there was something at work in the building.

We stumbled across the picture of the next person in the sequence. Apparently the next in the sequence is a black man of medium build. No one knows who he is.

We managed to get into the ballroom of the building after some trial and error. We entered the ballroom and there was the artifact, it appeared to be a death mask of some sort. Charles O’Donnellgrabbed the mask to Charles O’Donnell, grabbed the mask from the pedestal and immediately there was a rush of air and the doors shut behind the group.

A ghost appeared in front of the group. He was a large aboriginal man with a torso too long for his size and a head that seemed to extended back from where it should normally stop. His name was Head Shot In. He demanded that in order for us to escape the room we must help him pass on to the underworld. The only way for him to do so was to either sacrifice one of the geists or smash the mask. This led to a discussion within the group as to what to do. Sacrificing one of the geists would result in only the shell being left behind. If we destroyed the mask then the humans would be forever enslaved to the ghost children. If we tried to kill the ghost then it would surely result in deaths amongst the group. While we were struggling with figuring out what to William O’Donnell decided that his life and his geist were less important than the freedom of three humans. He sacrificed his geist to open the gateway and stepped through himself.

The group then delivered the mask to the ghost child upstairs and he destroyed his ghost siblings. He freed the humans as was agreed and left the building. The group then discovered that the three were there because one of them shot themselves to end the cycle and the other two were there to get him back.

The group left Abandon shortly after and are now on the search for the next person in the sequence before the murderer gets him. Charles decided that maybe his old partner would know who it was but when he went to his house Charles found out that Eddie hasn’t been home in a day and his car has been parked in the same spot in Parker.

October 22nd - 24th

We found Ryan’s cell phone wedged between a conveyor belt and a large cauldron. On the cell phone there was a note from Ryan stating that he was kidnapped and they took him somewhere he did not know. The group searched around the foundry looking for more clues when they realized that the only way to get inside was a key or to break in. We went looking for the roster of employees with keys and cross-referenced the list with anyone known to any of the orginizations that are operating within Aldustown, there were no hits. Zed and Fang used police resources to look up drivers licensing photos and found someone matching the description of one of the Order Dracule members, a redheaded man with a red mustache. We traced his house address and met with his wife who was extremely upset that he may have gotten into another fight. We also found the names of a couple other members, one of which was a police officer before being discharged, Grant Davis.

Adventure core found the house of Grant Davis after figuring out the owner of the green sedan that was seen in the grainy video footage at the foundry. We smashed his window to draw him out and followed him and another member to a seedy motel. We decided to smash down the door and take these two out before anything could happen to Ryan.

Meeting the Aegis Kai Doru
Traded the Informatics Book for information

Someone replied to the ad we put on the internet, to trade the Informatics Book for information. We set up a meeting with them in a park. Since the book used to belong to Stroika, he came along with us. We asked him about the huge jacket that was found in the river. He thought it might belong to his old partner Bull. On the way there, Stroika, Fitts and L33T stopped off to meet Sjoberg. Fitts and L33T purchased some fake IDs, while Stroika picked up a white briefcase. When we arrived at the park, we met a group representing the Aegis Kai Doru who operates in Philadelphia. They consisted of Lotterdale, Keiri, Noir, Pulse and Justice. They said they are currently working with the Vilencia Bloodline, whatever that means. We ended up trading the Informatics Book to them for all of their knowledge regarding Aldoustown.

When we returned home, Emmy came over in tears looking for Ryan. We hadn’t noticed, but it had been a while since we’d seen him. It was all over the news, though. Ryan’s friend Amir was found dead in a dumpster near the Dust. Emmy thought Ryan might have been with Amir at the time, so we checked it out. We went down to the Dust to gather what information we could. Nobody at the scene knew much about it, including the police investigator. We went to the morgue to look at the body. There was a single slash to the neck on the body. Griffon used his special skills to witness Amir’s last 2 minutes of life. He was walking in an alley with Ryan. They were accosted by two assailants… a tall blonde woman in a black hoodie who sliced Amir’s neck, and an unseen male who (presumably) tasered Ryan, said something about Order Dracule, then tossed Amir in the dumpster.

Later on, Emmy had the idea to check google latitude, to see if Ryan’s phone could be located. The last known location was at Harrison Foundry in the industrial district. We went there during the day to investigate. We spoke with a foreman who was helpful, but didn’t know much. The lost and found didn’t have Ryan’s phone. After a bribe from Zed, the foreman let us check their dumpster behind the building. We thought that since Amir was thrown in a dumpster, so would Ryan have been. To our relief, there was nothing there. We may have to come back after hours and check the place out by ourselves. The foreman was nice enough to let us know that there is only one camera at the foundry, near the back door.

October 18, 2010
An eye for an eye...

Spent time in abandon searching the rest of the ‘sewer’ for any clues or even a way further down. We came across someone that was holed up in a copy of the apartments, his name was Guy. Guy had to memories of his life before coming to abandon but he did hold dear a simple cross that was found a room further on. Guy also stated that he saw another one of the Shinigamis walking around placing sketches of the victims on the walls as he went. Guy traded his cross for the crossbow and the key sword, Griffion obtained new powers from Robert upon trading the cross.

We managed to turn on the power to the sewer allowing our lights to work. We also were led to a door which required the key sword to unlock which we did after upgrading it. In the same room with the locked door there were sketches of Fileen on the wall (need to catch up to this ‘thing’ to find out who is next in the sequence).

As the group transistioned to the new area of abandon we were presented with a problem. The walls were covered in a indecipherable script that prevented us from going forward. Fang used the book we obtained from Jasrit Patel to translate the writings. It was a outline on how to progress further, we were required to sacrifice parts of ourselves to carry on.

Zed cut out his own left eye to create light. Fists nose was cut off to allow us to breathe. Griffion cut out his right eye to stop creatures from attacking us.

After the sacrifices were made a car was waiting for us on the street outside of the apartment building. A chalice was in the trunk and we promptly went back home to rest and recuperate. When we returned we found that we still had our eyes and nose and only some blood was the result of the sacrifices.

On the 19th we went to see if anyone had inspected the dead drop at St.Gregories church and we found two people leaving the church. Griffion used his ‘abilities’ to stalk the suspects and overheard them talking about looking for more drops. We followed the car to chinatown where the two people went looking around the back alleys. Griffion overheard them talking about how a dead rat was found and how that rat was a ‘calling card’. Further inspection found the rat to lacking all blood (is there another hunter group working in Aldustown? It wouldn’t suprise me if there were such things as vampires. Should contact be made? Would they hunt the rest of the team for being supernatural? Would I be okay with that?)

- Zed

Literature which transcends dimensions

As we delved deeper into Abandon, we explored the hospital which inhabits floors five and six (and maybe more). After escaping the ‘hands’, we came upon a room with “I locked the dark rooms and hid them in my secret place” scrawled on the walls, written in Mandarin. I’m not sure who wrote this or where his ‘secret place’ is, but we have encountered many locked doors. We explored a labyrinth of vents which run through the hospital, most leading nowhere. The layout of the buildings in Abandon bears resemblance to those in the natural world, yet seems somehow alien.

When passing through a washroom, we were ambushed by ghosts. The first seemed to inhabit the washroom mirror, while the next four came out of the storage room cabinets. They all looked the same; they appeared as an emotionless Asian girl with long hair and a gun, their heads tilted down. When they fired their weapons, no physical bullets flew, yet injuries appeared on us as though there were real bullets.

We also encountered what seemed to be an infant version of the demon in the Abandon Grocery. It had no control over its evil abilities, and was defenseless against us.

We needed to collect apples to place in the hands of the maiden statues. We acquired the brown apple from the ghost of an elderly man. To get it from him, we needed to recall the story of Hamlet. Somehow this Shakespeare play made its way into Abandon. The old man had set up a chess board with pieces representing the characters of Hamlet. He had a cup of water, a cup of poison, and a dagger beside the chess board. Behind him was a TV with the letters EL~~~ORE on it. The old man was saying ‘sin is in the middle’. We showed him how the characters died by using the items he had with him to destroy the chess pieces. Once we finished the story, the old man faded away, leaving behind the brown apple.

When we placed the three apples in the hands of the stone maidens, the rock produced water from the statue eyes. It seemed that the statues were crying. We collected the maiden tears in a flask.

Back into Abandon

The day started off normally but ended with a bang, literally. Griffin got shot in a drive-by as he was waiting at a bus stop with Leah by a bunch of thugs. Leah went ahead and used her supernatural abilities to heal some of the wounds. As Griffin was being worked on in surgery they found his concealed weapon and spent the night in jail.
Note: Need to “thank” Eddy.

Fang went ahead and went hunting with his dog and managed to bring home a rabbit after succesfully tracking it. I assume he ate it’s heart with an unnatural enthusiasm. Fang also went to an environmental meeting with Paige and afterwards stumbled across a strange fellow named Flotsam. Flotsam is a die hard environmentalist and assumed that there was a force slowly killing the planet (crazy?).

L33T and Zed went ahead and installed a working security system in the apartment with a server offsite in a secure location. L33T also knows where Zed’s safehouse is.
Note: This could be a problem if the ghosts ever take over their hosts.

Adventure Corps (need new hunter cell name) went into the world we call abandon. Robert (the tall man) had no inclination as to whether or not he understood his previous name/laws. The cell progressed farther into abandon and discovered an area where “hands” came up through the floor. There seemed to be no end.
Note: Need more bullets. Lots more bullets


Meeting with the Loyalists of Thule
Infiltration of Sotanath Securities

On this past Monday :
Sean discovered Maria arguing with Avi Schoenstein in the Janitor’s closet. Upon questioning, Mr. Schoenstein divulged absolutely no information regarding the fight.

When we arrived home at the end of the day, Scarface was in the hallway accosting Derek Engblom. He seemed to be upset that Derek was wearing a jacket with a Demons emblem. Charles threatened the bum’s life at point blank gunpoint. Scarface didn’t seem afraid. When Leah Cohen came out into the hall, she was able to talk him down.

On this past Tuesday :
Charles O’Donnell had an interesting encounter with Stroika in the police office. Stroika was arrested for throwing a man out of a window. He was caught on camera doing so. Charles decided to help Stroika out by convincing Officer Pietrangelo to release him. Charles forgot to ask him about the 7XL suit jacket that Albert found in the river.

That night the group decided to infiltrate Sotanath Securities and complete the mission given to them by Curio. We had to destroy three copies of the sensitive document. One copy was on a local computer system. The second copy was in an archive room. The third copy was in a basement vault which required two keys to open. Three keys were in the building – one in the director’s office, one with a guard and one in the main entrance security desk. Fitts provided surveillance of the building and coordination via headset. Casper and Zed were on lookout duty. Griffon Turned invisible and stole the main desk key. Fang snuck in the director’s office for the key. L33T hacked into the network and deleted the electronic version, then proceeded to the archives and stole the paper copy. Griffon and L33T snuck into the underground vault while Zed created a distraction. They were able to retrieve the vaulted hard drives and escape without incident. Overall the mission was a complete success, with the exception of Zed having given up his identity to the security guards (acting as a police officer). As it turns out, one of the guards belongs to The Loyalists of Thule. They now know a little more about us than I would like. We do, however have some leverage because L33T made a copy of the sensitive document before destroying it.

Tonight :
We had a meeting with the Syracuse Loyalists Cell. They informed us that the Loyalists are a humanitarian organization founded during World War II to atone for the crimes of the Nazis against humanity. The organization was originally called Thule Gesellschaft, two members of which split off to form the Nazi party. The other three members, disgusted by this, reformed the organization to atone for their indirect hand in the Nazi party‚Äôs creation. They have some extremely wealthy benefactors, but could use more associates like us with them. We saw Mr. Curio’s face via webcam. Mr. Curio seems to be the director (at least locally) for the Loyalists. We were given a laptop with which we can communicate with him. He told us that from what they can tell, the Loyalists believe Church fled to Canada, and then to Rome under Catholic protection. He was in his late sixties during the 1970s, and is assumed to be dead now.

Meeting with Jasrit Patel
The awakened

At the end of the magical labyrinth was a gigantic mechanical spider, which attacked us with its steel beams for legs and its grinding gears and cogs. After shooting and sawing it until it retreated, we followed a floating pair of eyes into the next area. This area turned out to be Jasrit Patel‘s magical Red Room (the real one). It was the room from Zed’s dreams. We finally got to talk to the elusive club owner.

He described himself as one of the ‘awakened’. He called us the ‘death-touched’ and said he knew that we were because of his second sight. He is number 15. He told us about the cycle, and that it was his organization’s task to prevent the cycle from completing. It had completed once before, and possibly brought about the fall of Atlantis.

He gave us a stone slab in the shape and appearance of a book. He said it was a grimoire of great power, useful to those in his school of supernatural ability. He advised us to use it to lure out an enemy of his, Five Jupiter. Five Jupiter is a mysterious character who was once #5 (Hierophant) in the cycle, but who has since found a way to transfer his burden to someone else. He went rogue from Jasrit’s organization and learned some forbidden secrets.

Jasrit mentioned that Miles Jones once tried to kill him along with the Klein sisters. He used some sort of fire powers and wielded a hatchet.

He told us that Robert is likely a Kerberoi who has forgotten his laws.


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