XIV. Name unknown, a homeless man with visions. The second victim of Abandon.


XIV was an unknown homeless man who suffered from mental instability. He appeared to see visions and hear voices and numbers in his head, apocalyptic in nature. He was treated by Leah Cohen in the past, but always seemed to regress. On September 2nd, he accosted the Adventure Corps and rattled off a series of seemingly random numbers. By September 5th, he was dead, found in Arthur Lane’s bathroom, propped up on nails, the number XIV carved into his torso. His right index finger was burned to the knuckle. His left foot was charred, while his right was waterlogged.

The numbers he spoke turned out to be longitude and lattitude coordinates for Pigeon Swamp in New Jersey. Deep in the lake area, an island hiding a strange temple was found. Inside, a set of stone sarcophagii were found, with the homeless man somehow in the 14th one, holding a strange artifact.


Abandon Brodehouse