Walter Courtnall

A cold case detective at Precinct 6, current 'partner' of Charles O'Donnell.


Walter Courtnall is a 40 year old man with pasty white skin, dark limp hair pulled to the side, and buggy eyes. He has many traits similar to obsessive compulsive disorder, and works in a basement office far away from all other detectives, saying that he prefers the close access to Records. He is fastidious, obsessive, and possibly a little delusional.

Most of his day seems to be spent combing through old cases, trying to find patterns or re-examine evidence. While he’s able to close a reasonable amount of cases, the size of his workload and success rate suggests there are many wild goose chases.

Recently, he was partnered up with Charles O’Donnell, a young officer. He loaned the nearby workstation, that belonged to “Bob”. Whoever Bob was, he’s been long, and it’s uncertain whether Walter has noticed.

Walter Courtnall

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