Tall Man

A strange, fourteen-foot tall creature who exists at some level of Abandon.


A strange mockery of the human form, it has no name save for those given to it by the travellers of Abandon. It has been called Tall Man, Weyland, Demon, Shinigami and Phaest. Upon discovering it, the Adventure Corps decided to name it Robert.

Robert is at least fourteen feet tall, though slouches slightly. His skin is a pale grey or blue, and he ‘wears’ what looks like a dark fabric robe, though it appears woven into his skin or fastened with yellowing wrapped bandages. His arms extend too long in the forearm, twice the proportional length of a human, and his hands become large three pronged claws. He is capable of manipulating objects to a degree with these hands. The robe covers his legs, and when he moves there is the sound of a thousand scuttling claws.

His face is wrapped up to just below eye level, and it appears like he’s either missing his jaw, or has a facial structure dissimilar to humans. His upper jawline or cheekbones shape this missing portion like a semi-circle, and the bandages move forward as if pushed by dusty breath. His eyes are glowing slits, with some form of etheric energy emanting. His forehead shapes into a strange structure, what appears to be a circle with a vertical line through it.

Robert seems to have an interest in the human experience, and trades knowledge of plasmic Manifestations for insight into the material world. He also has given the party a key in the shape of a blade, which unlocks certain paths in Abandon.

Tall Man

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