The foul-tempered hunter with dyed red hair.


Stroika is best known for his thin build, loose fitting suits, and dyed flame red hair. He swears casually during conversation, and his suit sometimes appears unclean.

Stroika has revealed himself to be a hunter, possibly with the Cheiron Group. He has worked in Aldoustown for an undetermined amount of years, and has many contacts. He is a subordinate of someone referred to as Higherup. He appears to be working alone, though earlier he was seen with a man named Bull. He’s mentioned having some kind of working relationship with Leah Cohen.

In the limited amount of combat Stroika has been witnessed in, he showed an incredible proficiency at hand-to-hand, injuring four members of Leah’s neighborhood watch society in a rage. He has some form of investigative experience, and many contacts in Aldoustown. Despite the range of contacts available, his social demeanor comes off to most as callous and disrespectful.


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