Samantha Walker

VIII. A senator's daughter, and the first victim of Abandon.


Samantha Walker was a relatively little-known young woman until her disappearance in July. The daughter of New York Senator Patricia Walker and lawyer Edgar Walker, began taking classes at NYU in 2004, and began graduate school at Carnegie-Mellon in the Biological Sciences field. She disappeared sometime in the beginning of July, and was reported missing July 7th. She was last seen in Aldoustown during summer break, and exhaustive searches for a body have turned up nothing. Friends and former boyfriends have been interviewed, with the FBI not releasing any information regarding suspects.

The party found her body in a stone sarcophogus, both in a strange temple in New Jersey, and within the confines of the twilight realm of Abandon. She appears to have been holding something that was taken from her hands. The roman numeral XIII has been carved into her torso, using a method not yet understood. Her right index finger is burned down to the knuckle.

Samantha Walker

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