Ryan Fischer (Dead)

A slothful musician living in apartment 307.


Ryan Fischer is an attractive dark-skinned male, with short curly hair and brown eyes. He usually dresses in sweaters and pyjama pants.

Ryan has been living in 307 for about a year. He moved to a friend’s apartment while repairs were being made to the floor, but returned after. He sleeps long hours in between sessions where he’s awake for 24 hours or more at a time. He’s mentioned his mother runs a hair salon, but hasn’t mentioned his father. He appears to have no steady job, but instead works volunteer at a soup kitchen and has joined a band with hopes of playing live.

In combat, Ryan favors heavy blunt instruments, despite a lack of strength. He is a resource of musical knowledge, and can play most anything he picks up to a limited degree of success. He knows a vast array of musical styles, and can play most on guitar. On slow nights, he plays his acoustic in the living room of the apartment, often with such skill that it mentally rejuvenates his audience.

Ryan’s whereabouts are currently unknown and it is suspected that he was murdered by a Hunter group that calls themselves the Ordo Jacule.

Ryan Fischer (Dead)

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