Miles Jones

A murderer? Maybe.


Miles Jones is a convicted murderer that is currently serving his time in Rikers. He was convicted of murdering 6 people including his wife. The murders took place between 1978 and 1979.

Not much is known about Miles Jones but some information about his victims has come to light. There are 6 sketches that are of his apparent victims.

  • Victim 1
    - Black Woman
  • Victim 2
    - Rough looking Latina
  • Victim 3
    - Elderly white man
  • Victim 4
    - Young woman with medium length hair
  • Victim 5
    - Rhona
    - Woman in Abandon who tried to murder Adventure Core with a circular saw.
    - Confirmed dead in Abandon.
  • Victim 6
    - Father of the man who runs the ‘Red Room’ in New York.
    - South Asian (from India)

Miles Jones

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