Leah Cohen

A nurse who lives in apartment 306, and possibly more.


Leah Cohen is a short woman with tan skin and short black hair. She often appears wearing argyle vests and sweaters over dress shirts, and wears pants rather than skirts.

Leah Cohen is a nurse who works many hours at St. Christopher’s Hospital, and lives at Albert & Sons Apartments in Aldoustown. She lives in apartment 306, with a group of haggard, homeless-looking men. She is the direct supervisor of Bill O’Donnell, and is often accosted by a man named Stroika. Her closest defender is an older man who seems to go by Scarface.

Some information revealed by Stroika hints at Leah having some form of supernatural abililty, specifically to heal wounds and injuries. He mentions that she is what keeps the homeless fighters healthy, and appears to direct them in their task of cleaning up Dodson.

Leah Cohen

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