Arthur Lane

The 19 year old with striking good looks and the ability to summon animals. What?


Arthur was raised in Mcleod, Montana but didn’t agree with small town living. Though Arthur was always a good kid, he was a tad egotistical and believed himself to be better than the people in Montana. Combined with Arthur’s complicated relationship with his father, Arthur decided to get away from Montana and instead moved to New York to make a name for himself in the big city. Arthur quickly found that big city life wasn’t suited for him either and he was too proud to admit defeat and come home, so he found a place in a city smaller than New York, called Aldoustown.

Arthur moved in with Albert Chung, Charles O’Donnell, Moustapha Bâ, Sean Randell, and Ryan Fischer and began to work at a pet store for Paul Miller because of his love at animals. At this pet store he was attacked by a poisonous snake and died shortly after. In death he was faced with the Geist of the black wolf and then came back as one of the Returned.

Since Arthur has developed these “super powers”, his pride has swollen to ridiculous proportions. He believes himself to be near-indestructable, and believes himself to be better than the average person.

Arthur now finds himself in conflict between his human side and the primevil call in his soul. Bandit and the Black Wolf call Arthur to their pack while his friendship with the team (Adventure Corps) and his sort-of girlfriend keep him grounded in humanity.

Arthur Lane

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