Trip to NYC

A repentant murderer and an elusive club owner

The group went on a road trip to ‘The Big Apple’ today. We went to visit Miles Jones, and to check out The Red Room nightclub.

Miles Jones told us about his past as a satanic cult member and ritual killer. The information he provided led us to Joshua Rosenberg, who in turn connected us with a new contact – Curio. In our phone conversation with Curio he hinted at the possibility of helping us, however we need to do some ‘work’ for him first. He seemed to be working with someone, since we could hear the clacking of multiple keyboards over the telephone. I wonder… even if we do as he asks, will he really give us the information we seek?

Our visit to The Red Room was an attempt to learn more about the sketches we found in the Abandon elevator. One of them has been identified as the father of The Red Room’s owner, Jasrit. When we went to investigate The Red Room, we had to wait in line for more than an hour and a half. Once we got inside, Charles bribed an employee to get Arthur onto the VIP list. Arthur and Moustapha went in the VIP area to talk to the club owner. He was busy in a conversation about changing the club around. Moustapha pulled his attention away to ask about the sketch. Immediately afterward, he left the club through a back alley. We went to follow him, and got caught off guard and trapped in what seemed to be a magical labyrinth.



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