St. Gregory's

Two new geist friends

Sean died of an illness in the hospital after cleaning a toilet. William died of an allergic reaction to the vaccination shot for the same illness, while working at the very hospital Sean died in. He asphyxiated in the toilet stall. Summary : janitor dies in hospital from cleaning toilet, and nurse dies in toilet from vaccination. Lols.

Moustapha (punisher) killed a murderous hooker at the request of his geist. You can tell he’s new with this whole vigilante justice thing, but hopefully he can learn to do what he needs to do.

The party visited the abandoned church (St. Gregory’s). It seems the church is used as a public drop zone for religious cults.

Arthur used the informatics book. He saw that the dots on the bottom of the cryptic note about ‘the beast’ are names / signatures. We are still unsure of who the signatures belong to. There are six of them on the bottom of the page.

Albert found a jacket floating in the river. It was an XXXXXL tailored suit jacket. Upon searching it for I.D. the name Martin Montege was found. Is this Stroika`s ex partner Bull?

We decided on cool aliases for some of our team.

Moustapha – L33T
Albert – Fits
Arthur – Fang
Sean – Casper
Charles – Zed
William – Griffon



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