October 24th. Abandon.

Never on time.

A lot has happened in the time we have spent in Abandon.

We’ve managed to track the Shinigami to a abandoned building in Abandon. As we were entering the derelict we saw a radio sitting on a stump in the front courtyard, almost immediately a women asked as what we were doing there. We told her the truth, she told us how to get up to the top floor of the building where they were located. When we arrived the women was with 2 other men and a group of children.

These children didn’t seem right, there was something off about them, further investigation determined that they were in fact ghosts. When presented with this the ghost children told us that they were living off of the efforts of the men and women, the efforts they made to keep the children alive. The three then asked the group to find some food for the children because they were hungry and haven’t eaten in a while. We agreed to do so if they could give us information about where the Shinigami could be.

Before we could leave to find the food one of the ghost children took us aside to talk to us about the mission we were embarking on. He told us that there was a powerful artifact in the building and with this artifact he could finally leave this place. In return for us getting him the artifact he would kill the other ghost children and free the humans that they had captured.

As we ventured down into the building we came across a lot of instances of violence and anger. There would be a smashed up room, there would be a pile of a bodies in a bathtub in another room. We came across one man who shot himself in the head after saying, “I didn’t mean to…”. As we neared the bottom of the building it became apparent that there was something at work in the building.

We stumbled across the picture of the next person in the sequence. Apparently the next in the sequence is a black man of medium build. No one knows who he is.

We managed to get into the ballroom of the building after some trial and error. We entered the ballroom and there was the artifact, it appeared to be a death mask of some sort. Charles O’Donnellgrabbed the mask to Charles O’Donnell, grabbed the mask from the pedestal and immediately there was a rush of air and the doors shut behind the group.

A ghost appeared in front of the group. He was a large aboriginal man with a torso too long for his size and a head that seemed to extended back from where it should normally stop. His name was Head Shot In. He demanded that in order for us to escape the room we must help him pass on to the underworld. The only way for him to do so was to either sacrifice one of the geists or smash the mask. This led to a discussion within the group as to what to do. Sacrificing one of the geists would result in only the shell being left behind. If we destroyed the mask then the humans would be forever enslaved to the ghost children. If we tried to kill the ghost then it would surely result in deaths amongst the group. While we were struggling with figuring out what to William O’Donnell decided that his life and his geist were less important than the freedom of three humans. He sacrificed his geist to open the gateway and stepped through himself.

The group then delivered the mask to the ghost child upstairs and he destroyed his ghost siblings. He freed the humans as was agreed and left the building. The group then discovered that the three were there because one of them shot themselves to end the cycle and the other two were there to get him back.

The group left Abandon shortly after and are now on the search for the next person in the sequence before the murderer gets him. Charles decided that maybe his old partner would know who it was but when he went to his house Charles found out that Eddie hasn’t been home in a day and his car has been parked in the same spot in Parker.



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