October 22nd - 24th

We found Ryan’s cell phone wedged between a conveyor belt and a large cauldron. On the cell phone there was a note from Ryan stating that he was kidnapped and they took him somewhere he did not know. The group searched around the foundry looking for more clues when they realized that the only way to get inside was a key or to break in. We went looking for the roster of employees with keys and cross-referenced the list with anyone known to any of the orginizations that are operating within Aldustown, there were no hits. Zed and Fang used police resources to look up drivers licensing photos and found someone matching the description of one of the Order Dracule members, a redheaded man with a red mustache. We traced his house address and met with his wife who was extremely upset that he may have gotten into another fight. We also found the names of a couple other members, one of which was a police officer before being discharged, Grant Davis.

Adventure core found the house of Grant Davis after figuring out the owner of the green sedan that was seen in the grainy video footage at the foundry. We smashed his window to draw him out and followed him and another member to a seedy motel. We decided to smash down the door and take these two out before anything could happen to Ryan.



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