October 18, 2010

An eye for an eye...

Spent time in abandon searching the rest of the ‘sewer’ for any clues or even a way further down. We came across someone that was holed up in a copy of the apartments, his name was Guy. Guy had to memories of his life before coming to abandon but he did hold dear a simple cross that was found a room further on. Guy also stated that he saw another one of the Shinigamis walking around placing sketches of the victims on the walls as he went. Guy traded his cross for the crossbow and the key sword, Griffion obtained new powers from Robert upon trading the cross.

We managed to turn on the power to the sewer allowing our lights to work. We also were led to a door which required the key sword to unlock which we did after upgrading it. In the same room with the locked door there were sketches of Fileen on the wall (need to catch up to this ‘thing’ to find out who is next in the sequence).

As the group transistioned to the new area of abandon we were presented with a problem. The walls were covered in a indecipherable script that prevented us from going forward. Fang used the book we obtained from Jasrit Patel to translate the writings. It was a outline on how to progress further, we were required to sacrifice parts of ourselves to carry on.

Zed cut out his own left eye to create light. Fists nose was cut off to allow us to breathe. Griffion cut out his right eye to stop creatures from attacking us.

After the sacrifices were made a car was waiting for us on the street outside of the apartment building. A chalice was in the trunk and we promptly went back home to rest and recuperate. When we returned we found that we still had our eyes and nose and only some blood was the result of the sacrifices.

On the 19th we went to see if anyone had inspected the dead drop at St.Gregories church and we found two people leaving the church. Griffion used his ‘abilities’ to stalk the suspects and overheard them talking about looking for more drops. We followed the car to chinatown where the two people went looking around the back alleys. Griffion overheard them talking about how a dead rat was found and how that rat was a ‘calling card’. Further inspection found the rat to lacking all blood (is there another hunter group working in Aldustown? It wouldn’t suprise me if there were such things as vampires. Should contact be made? Would they hunt the rest of the team for being supernatural? Would I be okay with that?)

- Zed



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