Meeting with Jasrit Patel

The awakened

At the end of the magical labyrinth was a gigantic mechanical spider, which attacked us with its steel beams for legs and its grinding gears and cogs. After shooting and sawing it until it retreated, we followed a floating pair of eyes into the next area. This area turned out to be Jasrit Patel‘s magical Red Room (the real one). It was the room from Zed’s dreams. We finally got to talk to the elusive club owner.

He described himself as one of the ‘awakened’. He called us the ‘death-touched’ and said he knew that we were because of his second sight. He is number 15. He told us about the cycle, and that it was his organization’s task to prevent the cycle from completing. It had completed once before, and possibly brought about the fall of Atlantis.

He gave us a stone slab in the shape and appearance of a book. He said it was a grimoire of great power, useful to those in his school of supernatural ability. He advised us to use it to lure out an enemy of his, Five Jupiter. Five Jupiter is a mysterious character who was once #5 (Hierophant) in the cycle, but who has since found a way to transfer his burden to someone else. He went rogue from Jasrit’s organization and learned some forbidden secrets.

Jasrit mentioned that Miles Jones once tried to kill him along with the Klein sisters. He used some sort of fire powers and wielded a hatchet.

He told us that Robert is likely a Kerberoi who has forgotten his laws.



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