Meeting the Aegis Kai Doru

Traded the Informatics Book for information

Someone replied to the ad we put on the internet, to trade the Informatics Book for information. We set up a meeting with them in a park. Since the book used to belong to Stroika, he came along with us. We asked him about the huge jacket that was found in the river. He thought it might belong to his old partner Bull. On the way there, Stroika, Fitts and L33T stopped off to meet Sjoberg. Fitts and L33T purchased some fake IDs, while Stroika picked up a white briefcase. When we arrived at the park, we met a group representing the Aegis Kai Doru who operates in Philadelphia. They consisted of Lotterdale, Keiri, Noir, Pulse and Justice. They said they are currently working with the Vilencia Bloodline, whatever that means. We ended up trading the Informatics Book to them for all of their knowledge regarding Aldoustown.

When we returned home, Emmy came over in tears looking for Ryan. We hadn’t noticed, but it had been a while since we’d seen him. It was all over the news, though. Ryan’s friend Amir was found dead in a dumpster near the Dust. Emmy thought Ryan might have been with Amir at the time, so we checked it out. We went down to the Dust to gather what information we could. Nobody at the scene knew much about it, including the police investigator. We went to the morgue to look at the body. There was a single slash to the neck on the body. Griffon used his special skills to witness Amir’s last 2 minutes of life. He was walking in an alley with Ryan. They were accosted by two assailants… a tall blonde woman in a black hoodie who sliced Amir’s neck, and an unseen male who (presumably) tasered Ryan, said something about Order Dracule, then tossed Amir in the dumpster.

Later on, Emmy had the idea to check google latitude, to see if Ryan’s phone could be located. The last known location was at Harrison Foundry in the industrial district. We went there during the day to investigate. We spoke with a foreman who was helpful, but didn’t know much. The lost and found didn’t have Ryan’s phone. After a bribe from Zed, the foreman let us check their dumpster behind the building. We thought that since Amir was thrown in a dumpster, so would Ryan have been. To our relief, there was nothing there. We may have to come back after hours and check the place out by ourselves. The foreman was nice enough to let us know that there is only one camera at the foundry, near the back door.



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