Meeting Five Jupiter

We checked out abandon today to see if there was another victim. There was a new body in coffin 18, a black man clutching a tool (syringe mixed with turkey baster).

We went to find Scarface, he showed us a room full of dead Demon gang members. The homeless were looking for the demons’ source of drugs when they found that place and wrecked some punks.

At work, Sean got the strange urge to collect germs/bacteria for his geist.

At the docks, Kyrie showed up and found out Albert’s name and place of employment. He was there making sure a ship left port with the informatics book onboard. He hinted at the possibility of Albert doing some small jobs at the docks in the future for his organization.

As per Jasrit’s request, the party put the stone grimoire in a public park with the intention of luring out Five Jupiter and beating some answers out of him. When we followed some of his mind-controlled minions, we met Five Jupiter. It became clear that fighting with him would not produce any results, since he had drawn us into a magical realm of his creation and he could destroy us at will. He acted all high-and-mighty, talking down to us for believing in such childish things as the laws of physics and nature. We left more confused than ever, but we did at least learn a few things.

1. the stone grimoire is a cage holding somebody’s soul
2. the cycle can be broken by either killing a chosen one outside of their time or removing them from this plane of existence or twilight, to somewhere like the abyss or hell
3. Jasrit sent us to our deaths

Five Jupiter gave us a coin that can apparently summon him if we throw it into a river.

I’m not sure where we go from here… I suppose we try to find the next person selected for the cycle before it’s too late.



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