Literature which transcends dimensions

As we delved deeper into Abandon, we explored the hospital which inhabits floors five and six (and maybe more). After escaping the ‘hands’, we came upon a room with “I locked the dark rooms and hid them in my secret place” scrawled on the walls, written in Mandarin. I’m not sure who wrote this or where his ‘secret place’ is, but we have encountered many locked doors. We explored a labyrinth of vents which run through the hospital, most leading nowhere. The layout of the buildings in Abandon bears resemblance to those in the natural world, yet seems somehow alien.

When passing through a washroom, we were ambushed by ghosts. The first seemed to inhabit the washroom mirror, while the next four came out of the storage room cabinets. They all looked the same; they appeared as an emotionless Asian girl with long hair and a gun, their heads tilted down. When they fired their weapons, no physical bullets flew, yet injuries appeared on us as though there were real bullets.

We also encountered what seemed to be an infant version of the demon in the Abandon Grocery. It had no control over its evil abilities, and was defenseless against us.

We needed to collect apples to place in the hands of the maiden statues. We acquired the brown apple from the ghost of an elderly man. To get it from him, we needed to recall the story of Hamlet. Somehow this Shakespeare play made its way into Abandon. The old man had set up a chess board with pieces representing the characters of Hamlet. He had a cup of water, a cup of poison, and a dagger beside the chess board. Behind him was a TV with the letters EL~~~ORE on it. The old man was saying ‘sin is in the middle’. We showed him how the characters died by using the items he had with him to destroy the chess pieces. Once we finished the story, the old man faded away, leaving behind the brown apple.

When we placed the three apples in the hands of the stone maidens, the rock produced water from the statue eyes. It seemed that the statues were crying. We collected the maiden tears in a flask.


I like how you excluded that Griffin went crazy on the young demon from the grocery store.


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