Back into Abandon

The day started off normally but ended with a bang, literally. Griffin got shot in a drive-by as he was waiting at a bus stop with Leah by a bunch of thugs. Leah went ahead and used her supernatural abilities to heal some of the wounds. As Griffin was being worked on in surgery they found his concealed weapon and spent the night in jail.
Note: Need to “thank” Eddy.

Fang went ahead and went hunting with his dog and managed to bring home a rabbit after succesfully tracking it. I assume he ate it’s heart with an unnatural enthusiasm. Fang also went to an environmental meeting with Paige and afterwards stumbled across a strange fellow named Flotsam. Flotsam is a die hard environmentalist and assumed that there was a force slowly killing the planet (crazy?).

L33T and Zed went ahead and installed a working security system in the apartment with a server offsite in a secure location. L33T also knows where Zed’s safehouse is.
Note: This could be a problem if the ghosts ever take over their hosts.

Adventure Corps (need new hunter cell name) went into the world we call abandon. Robert (the tall man) had no inclination as to whether or not he understood his previous name/laws. The cell progressed farther into abandon and discovered an area where “hands” came up through the floor. There seemed to be no end.
Note: Need more bullets. Lots more bullets



Adventure Corps! It’s pronounced core but we’re a corps!

Back into Abandon

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